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Create the most stunning wallpapers you will ever see at absolutely no cost and in the comfort of your home. That’s what Fractal Photographer is here for. Now available on Windows 8 Store.

Fractal are mathematical shapes found in nature. They have certain properties, such as self-similarity: no matter how deep you zoom, you can find copies of itself. This app generates the Mandelbrot Set, the most complex and beautiful of all fractals. The above is just one of infinitely many different spots that you can find. There are treasures to be found everywhere along the border of the set.

Pinch-Zoom is cool. Pinch-Zoom-Rotate all at once is like in the movies. This app is fully touch-compatible. There are many different ways of navigating – pinch-zoom-rotate, scroll-wheel, buttons, double-click/tap on a particular spot, rotation interface, etc. Pick whatever suits your needs best.

The program does all the number crunching for you, but the vibrant colors will be what makes your particular picture outshine all others. Fortunately, the color picker will generate thumbnails that preview what a particular spot would look like as you explore. This way, you can immediately choose the most fitting color scheme at a glance.

Once you’re done, share your picture with all your friends and impress them with this modern style of artwork. Because yes, learning how to find the best looking spots really is an art.

Speaking of art, do you want to learn how to become a great fractal artist? Watch this tutorial below!

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  1. Thank you so much!
    I was recently introduced to fractal art by a friend, and since I am an artist, I love to try new kinds of art related things. I had been looking for an app or generator that could help me create the images. I then stumbled upon the fractal photographer app. I was going to delete it because I still couldn’t figure it out. I looked in the reviews of the app and someone mentioned a video. So, I searched through description and found a link to your video. Needless to say, your video was very helpful thank you!

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